LiBEST Inc. is the world’s best FLEXIBLE BATTERY manufacturer and has become a technological wave by introducing most advanced flexible batteries designed for wearables. Founded with a vision to revolutionize the wearable technology to create a better life, LiBEST has increased areal capacity of the battery while maintaining full-range flexibility. With the advanced technology, LiBEST is ready to power the wearables to the next level.


We develop flexible batteries to accelerate the innovation of various wearable devices that improve human health and contribute to greater accessibility of these devices so they can reach more people in need.

LiBEST’s Advanced Technologies

Unique Inner Electrode

Patented inner structure is one of the key technologies which increases bending durability and battery capacity

Exterior Pouch

An exterior pouch supports
flexibility and reduces
external resistance

Specialized Electrodes

Specialized electrodes components
maximize flexibility and
bending durability

History of LiBEST Technology