ARTENIX BAND Kickstarter Campaign Page is Now LIVE!

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Stylish Design

Whether you’re using the charging band or one of the standard bands, the premium quality leather will give you a sophisticated appearance to match a variety of styles and outfits. Both bands are compatible with Apple Watch series 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Wireless functionality

This is the new way to charge your Apple Watch… while you wear it. The flexible batteries live inside your watch band, wrapped around your wrist, giving you freedom from every-night charging. The wireless functionality of ARTENIX Charging Band lets you charge your Apple Watch anytime, anywhere.

Use While Charging

This newfound flexibility even allows you to continue using your Apple Watch functionality while charging. You can still do things like read notifications, text, make calls, use apps, talk to Siri and more.

Advanced, Portable power

Artenix Band provides 550 mAh, extending the battery life up to 16 hours. To recharge your Artenix Band, insert the provided Micro USB cable into your own USB port, or use a separate power adapter that plugs into a wall.

Components of ARTENIX BAND

The World’s First Charging Band
with Built-In Flexible Batteries

Future of Smartwatch with LiBEST Flexible Battery