Full-range flexible battery with high areal capacity for wearables.

LiBEST Flexible Battery enables design innovation and enhances battery life of wearables. A battery is still one of the biggest problems to design wearables due to its firm shape and low capacity. Our full-range flexible battery allows wearables to be lighter, thinner, and more flexible as well as satisfies increasing demands for longer battery life with high capacity.

Key Benefits



LiBEST Battery fits body with its advanced flexibility. It can be embedded in wristband, headband, neckband, or belt for various types of wearables.



After 5,000 times bending durability test, the battery maintains stable capacity which enables longer lifespan of wearables.


High Capacity

Having higher areal capacity, the LiBEST Flexible Battery lasts longer and increases run time of wearables 2-3 times.



LiBEST flexible batteries vary in dimension and capacity based on mechanical demands for various wearables.


SmartWatch / Fitness Tracker
Bluetooth Headphones
Bluetooth Earbud Charger
Smart Belt
VR/AR Glasses
Neckband Bluetooth Headphones


Category Detail
Type Rechargeable Lithuium Battery
Dimension Customizable
Capacity Depended on size (Typically max 1000mAh)
Operating Voltage Charge 4.40V/ Discharge 3.00V
Operating Temperature Charge 0°C ~ 45°C/ Discharge -20°C ~ 60°C
Nominal Voltage 3.85V

Product Line Up

Performance Test Results

Charging Rate Capability

Discharging Rate Capability

Cycle Life

Mechanical Stress (Bending) Duration

Mechanical Stress (Bending) Duration

Safety Test Results

No safety issue on bending, twisting, folding, rolling up and cutting test.