Wireless Charging Band for Apple Watch

No matter if you are texting, calling, driving, traveling, or working, charge your Apple Watch on your wrist anytime anywhere with LiBEST wireless charging band. It gives you freedom from every night charging and extra battery life for your Apple Watch.

Anytime Charging

Be free from every night charging. Why keeping your Apple Watch on the charger overnight? You can charge anytime in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night with LiBEST Charging band.

Wireless Charging

Wirelessly charge your Apple Watch on your wrist. LiBEST Charging band charges the Watch at work, home, restaurant, grocery store, etc. wherever
you go without the magnetic cable.

Use While Charging

LiBEST Charging Band enables you using Apple Watch features that you love such as notifications, Apps, Apple Pay, Siri, etc. even when you are charging.

Extended Battery Life

LiBEST Charging Band extends your Apple Watch battery life to 2x. Flexible batteries inside the band let you carry more power on your wrist.

The World’s First Charging Band
with Built-In Flexible Batteries

Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Later this year, we will explore launching a Kickstarter campaign for our charging band. Stay tuned!