We develop flexible batteries to accelerate the innovation of various wearable devices that improve human
health and contribute to greater accessibility of these devices so they can reach more people in need.


The World’s First
ARTENIX Charging Band, a wireless charger that sits on your wrist

We are proud to present you with our world-class flexible battery which enables you to power your Apple Watch anywhere, anytime.

Brand History

  • Design of Artistic
  • World-Class Flexible
    Battery Technology
  • World’s First Wireless
    Charging Band

The name represents new technologies embracing innovation and style. Reminding a free-spirited goddess Artemis, ARTENIX is a compound word combining art, tech, and electronics, and brings innovation and a sense of freedom to conventional devices that are trapped in their frame and casing.


Ready for a new charging experience?
ARTENIX Charging Band is a new type of charger for Apple Watch.

  • Wireless Charge on Your Wrist!

    Now, leave your room, leave the charging cable behind, and lay it on your wrist!
    Use your Apple Watch while charging it on your wrist.
    The best flexible battery technology allows you to charge your watch anytime, anywhere. Power your Apple Watch on the go. You can charge the watch and still send texts, make calls, talk to Siri and use other features of the watch (except for the heart rate monitoring because the heart rate sensors are the terminals for charging).

  • Easy Operation!

    Simply Spin and Click!
    A patented metal locking mechanism makes it possible to easily attach and detach the watch with just one hand.
    You can attach and detach your Apple Watch from the charging band safely while charging it on your wrist.

  • Sufficient Battery Capacity!

    Equipped with more than double the capacity (560mAh) of Apple Watch, the flexible battery in ARTENIX Charging Band can be recharged using a Micro USB cable.

Explore the wonder of how ARTENIX Standard Band
can improve the experience of your Apple Watch.

  • Easy Operation!

    Slide, Spin & Click! The revolutionary locking mechanism maximizes the performance of Apple Watch.
    The Connect Piece which connects the watch to the ARTENIX Standard Band employs a patented metal locking mechanism, allowing you to easily attach and detach the watch. This makes using the Apple Watch more convenient and useful.

  • Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring!

    ARTENIX Standard Band is carefully designed to bend around the wrist of the wearer.
    Find a perfect hole in the band and adjust the fit for accurate heart rate measurement. The watch won’t have any problem monitoring your heart rates.

  • High-End Design!

    Our product is made from premium leather by a Korean leather artisan and comes in four colors: Midnight Black, Classic Brown, Elec Ocean Blue, and Royal Red.