We are developing and providing a world-class next-generation lithium secondary battery
for the innovation that LiBEST Flexible Battery will bring and the better world that the innovation can make.

Message from Elon Kim,
CEO & Founder of LiBEST

The fourth industrial era will bring innovations in the field of autonomous electric vehicles, wearable devices, cloud, and AI by perceiving the human, object, and knowledge in the aspect of connectivity rather than as a single entity. Everything will be connected and intertwined through a wireless network that is way faster than now, further creating diverse values and synergies by interacting with each other.

Given this prospect, we believe that, as a fundamental energy source for all mobile devices, the battery technology will play a pivotal role in dominating the mobile device market and become a decisive element technology for the success. Therefore, LiBEST is committed to the mission to accelerate the paradigm shift from mobile smartphones to wearable devices using our revolutionary battery technology.

A smartwatch, one of the many types of wearables, not only lets us know the time but also measures and records the user’s bio signals like heart rate, electrocardiogram, body temperature, and blood sugar level in real time. It can also collect bio-data based on various categories like age, country, race, and continent, which wasn’t possible in the past. Using such data can protect mankind from diseases and allows efficient management of one’s health and well-being. That is why the wearable devices are called an astonishing innovation.

However, the limited battery capacity prevents wearables from being fully functional. For this reason, wearables are unable to perform their features to the degree that it can meet the market expectation and still remain as a potential market. We will solve this issue using our flexible battery technology.

Every material and component has its feature to boast. However, the best product comes to life when all the materials and components are harmonized as one solution rather than standing out. This goes the same for batteries. LiBEST’s battery is a complex technology that combines all different materials and components to achieve maximum synergy. In the process of creating a new energy source, we persist multifaceted approach by developing distinctive exterior material with improved bending durability, special electrode assemblies satisfying both high energy density and high flexibility, electrode manufacturing technology to improve the physical and chemical durability for high performance of active materials even in the repetitive bending environment, bending reliability through enhanced lead-tap technology, and safety-in-use feature to create internal closure in case of an emergency.

The ability to realize the element technologies is crucial but the more important thing is how well these technologies are harmonized and balanced in the battery system. LiBEST generates detailed data of all element technologies and analyzes, tunes, and optimizes the battery system accordingly. We are proud to say that such a meticulous process and accumulated knowledge are our true technology.

Building on the success of our flexible battery designed specifically for wearables, LiBEST will grow to the top leader in the market. To meet customers’ needs, we will continue to pursue a must-have battery that can be harmonized with any type of device and explore to obtain the most optimized battery technology.

Starting from this first step toward the world, we will constantly strive to challenge ourselves and create value.
Thank you.

CEO Elon Kim

Social Mission

We partner with various other companies to drive the development of the flexible battery and its various
applications in the hope that this innovation contributes to improved healthcare and welfare systems.


  • 2016 Started as Wearable Tech

    Pilot production line construction

  • 2017
    SEED funding


    Changed to LiBEST Inc.

    Venture business registration
    Established research institute
    Began government R&D Task

  • 2018
    Pre-A funding

    Shinhan Investment
    AG Investment

    Nominated as KODIT
    'First Penguin' startup

  • 2019
    Series A funding

    S-Oil / KDB / Posco Capital
    HG Initiative / Simone Investment
    SemaTranslink Investment

    Launched ARTENIX Band
    on Kickstarter

  • 2020
    Series A funding

    SemaTranslink Investment

    CES 2020
    Innovation Award
    Korea ImpaCT-ech Grand Prize,
    Prime Minister's Award


  • Symbolmark

  • Wordmark

“Li” is the symbol of Lithium, the core material of the battery, and also the first syllable of the company name implying infinite possibilities and vitality. The simplified outlines symbolizing the movement of electrons and energy and the energetic orange color represent the image of an innovative energy company.


  • 2017 BIXPO Awards Global startup Battle Competitive Sector Bronze November 3, 2017 PitchForce PRESENTATION AWARD First Place December 12, 2017
  • ICT Promising Company K-Global 300 December 29, 2017 2018 Global Startup Demo Day, BootUP First Place May 17, 2018
  • Outstanding Corporation by KAIST G-CORE Excellence award December 6, 2018 KIM YOUNG SE STARTUP STARTUP DESIGN AUDITION Best 10 Award June 3, 2019
  • CES Innovation Awards Tech for a Better World October 15, 2019 Outstanding Corporation by KAIST G-CORE Excellence award November 6, 2019
    BIXPO 2019 Startup Investment Competition Bronze Award November 15, 2019
  • Korea ImpaCT-ech Awards Prime Minister’s Citation May 26, 2020



Dr. Elon Kim Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Elon Kim is an energetic Leader with over 10 years of experience in battery technology.
He has authored 16 academic papers, which have been cited over 1700 times, and has filed
27 patents in the battery related field.

  • Sam Lim Chief Scientist,
    Chief Technology Officer

    Sam Lim has devloped various type of batteries over the last 18years. He has filed 6 patents on thin battery, flexible battery and other related products.
    He is responsible for advancing our product and technology to the next generation.

  • James Ha Chief Engineer,
    Chief Production Officer

    James Ha brings his vast experience in the battery industry, including device development, process engineering, production and quality management to our team.

  • Evan Jung QC specialist

    Evan Jung is going to act as a key in mass-production stage to enhance yield and to guarantee stable quality with his decades of experience in quality management.

  • Ella Lee Team Manager,
    Intellectual Property

    Ella Lee is an experienced professional in the development of materials for battery application and is responsible for managing the intellectual property of the company.