We develop flexible batteries to accelerate the innovation of various wearable devices that improve human
health and contribute to greater accessibility of these devices so they can reach more people in need.

Battery Material & Service

For next-generation
lithium-ion batteries

Electrodes: Cathodes and Anodes

LiBEST provides high performance battery materials. With data and knowledge accumulated for years, we supply top quality standard composition electrode sheets and custom produced cathode/anode sheets with your own choice of materials. Customization of materials and specifications – active material, current collector, binder type, loading rate, thickness, width etc – are available. These cathode/anode electrode sheets are suitable for diverse applications.

Cell assembly, testing and optimization services:
Coin and Pouch cell

LiBEST offers test-purpose cells to your request. With an effective production line, a cost-competitive customized battery fabrication service is available. Researchers from multinational companies to universities and government organizations looking for cost-competitive and effective solutions are LiBEST’s customers. From single unit to hundreds, we serve your need. LiBEST’s lithium-ion battery experts all with over a decade of experience will provide helpful guides to your research.

Key Benefits

All operations are conducted in top-notch, recently invested production and test facility located in scientific town of Daejeon, Korea for quality. Our cell and electrode portfolio is a trusted source for battery manufacturers, research organizations and university labs. Now you can get your most-effective and comprehensive battery characterization & testing services including custom electrode sheet fabrication, as well as lithium-ion coin cell and pouch cell fabrication and testing through online. We value our customers’ confidentiality and NDA is available here