LiBEST Launches Artenix Band, First Charging Band for Apple Watch, on Kickstarter

May. 29, 2019/ Yahoo Finance

Understanding the on-the-go lifestyles of most Apple Watch users, Artenix Band offers charging power in the watch band itself thanks to flexible battery technology.

Flexible Battery Technology Allows the Wearer to Continue Using Their Apple Watch

May. 29, 2019/ USA TODAY

With our patent-pending technology, we’ve achieved a safe, flexible battery that will change the game for wearables.

LiBEST Launches Artenix Band on Kickstarter

May. 29, 2019/ Erie News Now

Today, LiBEST launches Artenix Band, the first charging band for Apple Watches on Kickstarter, bringing fashionable, on-the-go power to every Apple Watch user. Using flexible battery technology allows the wearer to…

LiBEST Launches Artenix Band, First Charging Band for Apple Watch, on Kickstarter

May. 29, 2019/ seattle pi

Believing that accessories for all tech gadgets shouldn’t sacrifice style for function, the Artenix Band offers a premium leather band that discreetly charges the Apple Watch anytime, anywhere, and without charging cables or stands.

CES 2019: Tech preview of the expo’s hottest new gadgets

Jan. 5, 2019/ BBC

LiBest has put a flexible battery in a wristband that can wirelessly charge an Apple Watch on the go and give it more than a day’s battery life.


Jan. 3, 2019/ I4U News

A South Korean startup will exhibit a charging wristband for the Apple Watch at the CES 2019. The Apple Watch wristband contains a Flexible Li-ion Polymer Battery.

11 Travel Gadgets From CES We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Jan. 19, 2019/ the POINT GUYS

Artenix puzzled us for a few minutes until we watched a video on their website. They’ve got some fairly stylish smartwatch bands, but the inside is what sets them apart. Each one contains a flexible battery with an element to charge your Apple Watch. With the swappable nature of the bands, you could in theory never take your Apple Watch off again.



CES 2019: startup coreana lanzará una correa con batería flexible ion de litio para el Apple Watch


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is approaching, and promises to be loaded with many novelties, releases and good things. One of them, in addition to the presentation of 5 new wearables with Movisense that we can already expect, is the exposure of a flexible strap for the Apple Watch. The interesting thing about this is that it is implemented with a lithium ion battery to charge the smartwatch.



Korean Tech Startup Bends the Concept of Firm Batteries

Jan. 3, 2019/ KoreaTechToday

Korean tech company LiBEST, stated on the 2nd that it will exhibit ‘flexible lithium-ion polymer batteries’ and an Apple Watch accessory, ‘Artenix Band’ in Las Vegas at CES 2019.



스크린 테니스·휘는 배터리… CES 눈길 끈 중견기업·벤처

Jan. 14, 2019/ ChosunBiz

올해 CES에서 글로벌 대기업들만 신기술 전쟁을 치른 것이 아니었다. 중견·중소기업과 스타트업(초기 벤처 기업), 대학들까지 CES에 참가해 참신한 아이디어와 혁신 기술로 승부를 겨뤘다. 특히 영국 BBC는 창업 4년 차인 국내 스타트업 리베스트가 개발한 ‘플렉시블(휘어지는) 배터리’를 올해 CES에서 가장 주목해야 할 기술로 꼽았다.



국내 스타트업 ‘플렉시블 배터리’ 상용화…CES에 출품

Jan. 2, 2019/ etnews

국내 스타트업이 플렉시블 배터리를 탑재한 웨어러블 응용 제품을 상용화한다. 플렉시블 배터리는 웨어러블 전자기기 시대를 여는 핵심 부품이다. 첫 상용화를 계기로 전자기기 디자인에서 일대 혁신이 기대된다. 리베스트는 미국 라스베이거스에서 열리는 CES 2019에 ‘플렉시블 리튬이온 폴리머 배터리’와 이를 내장한 애플워치 액세서리 ‘아르테닉스 밴드’를 출품한다고 2일 밝혔다.




Jan. 22, 2019/ GoodsPress

Apple Watch用のバンド「Artenix Bands」もユニークです。バンド部分にリチウムイオンポリマー電池をベースにしたフレキシブルな構造のバッテリーが備わっており、Apple Watchを装着すると充電できます。